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SongbookVolume 3

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered a copy. Duke will be signing and numbering the Limited Editions and will send out all the orders later this week!

A message from Duke....

I am delighted that a third volume of Duke Special songs is here! This volume has been transcribed by the wonderful Anita Mawhinney with additional work by her husband, Simon Mawhinney, and as with the previous two volumes, the design work is by Gary McIlwaine of Sparks Studio.

The songs mainly relate to the albums 'Under the Dark Cloth' and 'Oh Pioneer', with two additional songs that were B-sides during the release of the latter.

The piano scores are reduced by necessity, though we have tried to give good guidance as to the journey and flow of each piece and, of course, there are chords included for the ukulele and guitar players amongst you and an instruction at the beginning of each song as to how to approach it.

You are encouraged to play and sing the songs in whatever way works for you, ideally around the piano with family and friends and the sounds of Victorian traffic floating in from outside.

So, light the fire, don your best piano playing gloves and have fun!

Duke Special x 

After the successful pre-order campaigns for reprinting Volumes 1 & 2, we launched another campaign for Volume 3 in July to help pay with up-front costs.
The Songbooks have arrived from the printers and they look amazing!
Duke will be sending out all the orders later this week, so if you ordered a copy, you won't have long to wait until you receive it.
The orders will be sent to the address on your Paypal account confirmation.
All UK orders will be sent via Royal Mail Standard 2nd Class post, which usually takes 2-3 working days, but due to possible postal strikes, there may be delays.
Orders outside the UK will be sent via Standard Air Mail and depending on the
destination, could take 10-14 days to arrive.
If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to get email us on the button at the bottom of the page.

The Standard Edition of Volume 3 will be available to Duke Special shop
later this month and will cost
£35 (PLUS P&P)


Songbook Volume 3.

Volume 3 features these 25 Duke songs for you to learn to play along with  -

Always Been There
Cherry Blossom Girl

Dancing Trees
Georgia O'Keeffe
Hand of Man
How I Learned To Love The Sun
In Memoriam
Little Black Fish
Lost Chord
My Lazy Saviour
Nothing Shall Come Between Us
Punch of a Friend
Rita De Acosta
Snakes in the Grass
Spiritual America
Stargazers of the World Unite (A Love Song For Astronomers)
This is All that Matters
Triumph of the Egg
Twice Around the Island


What Makes Us

You Press The Button (We Do The Rest)

You'd Be Surprised


The pre-order campaign ended at 5pm on Monday 5th September.
Orders will be sent via Royal Mail using standard 2nd class post to UK addresses and standard Air Mail to outside UK.
Please allow 14 days for delivery from 6th September.
Postage & Packing is included in the price.
The email confirmation you received from Paypal once is your order confirmation., if you have any queries.
Please check your address is correct on the Paypal email confirmation as orders will be sent to that address, unless you contact us to provide a different address.
Payment has been taken securely through Paypal and we do not store any of your personal or payment details on the Advocate website.
If you have any questions or delivery instructions, please contact us by clicking the Contact button below.
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