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Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the Blood for Ghosts book . It is now available to buy exclusively from the Duke Special shop for £20 + postage HERE

Duke Special's latest album 'Blood for Ghosts' is his interpretation of 10 song sheets (dating from 1850 – 1949), discovered in the Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco. The album was released on vinyl in November 2023, but Duke decided not to release it on CD. Instead he chose to release the album as a book - extended sleeve notes that trace the journey of the songs, the recording process, and his thoughts on the act of translating the songs for a contemporary audience. In an age where music is regarded as a free commodity, the idea of ‘The Book Is The Album’ seems an important response to the devaluing of music.

Duke explains further why he wanted to release this book..

Okay, I am taking a risk here. To my mind, CDs have become somewhat redundant. For many people, music
is experienced via streaming platforms - wonderful in some ways, as we can access pretty much anything at any time; in other ways, rubbish for the artist who sees little return for their work (unless you are one of the few who gets millions of plays, and even then…). Books are something that I still prefer to hold in my hand and leaf through rather than scroll up and down on a screen. So, Blood for Ghosts is being released only on vinyl (another beautiful artefact) and as a 64-page, hand-finished book, which will come with a download code, allowing you to save it onto your preferred device. The book is the album! It can be seen as a companion piece to Blood for Ghosts as you listen on whatever platform you currently subscribe to, or as a richer version of the sleeve notes I was able to write for the vinyl. Alternatively, it can be viewed as the album itself, the music being out there, somewhere in the digital ether. Either way, I hope it sheds some interesting light on what was going through my head when I made Blood for Ghosts.                                                                                                   

Blood for Ghosts is available on vinyl exclusively from the Duke Special online shop and at live shows.

It is also available to stream from all the usual digital services and is available to buy as a download from
Duke's Bandcamp page.

                            **THE PRE-ORDER SMALL PRINT **
The book pre-order campaign ended on FRIDAY 17th NOVEMBER.

The email confirmation you received from PayPal is your order confirmation.
An email with an album download code has been sent to everyone who pre-ordered the book, with instructions on how
to redeem it.

Please contact us if you did not receive the download code email.
All orders were posted via Royal Mail using standard 2nd class post to UK addresses and standard Air Mail to outside UK.

Please check the delivery address is correct on your PayPal account, as orders were sent to the address on the confirmation, unless you contacted us to provide a different address.
Postage & Packing has been added to the final price.
Payment was taken securely through PayPal.

We will not store any of your data or personal or payment details
on this website.
If you have any questions or need further information, you
can contact us by clicking the button below.
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