Advocate is the brain child of  Duke Special and his management team, First Column, after in depth research on crowdfunding and what fans want from their artists in today's digital age. 

A message from Duke


As Duke Special I have been touring and making records constantly for the last 14 years and during that time, the music industry has changed beyond recognition.  Over those years I have self-released records, been on major labels, smaller independent labels and have also used crowd funding models to release my work. 

I have loved all these different stages of my career but feel it is time to do things a little differently.  I have used the Pledge Music model a couple of times to release records and was blown away by the support and encouragement which those campaigns created.  This was a model in which people pledged different amounts in exchange for exclusive experiences and items all with the goal of being able to bring out a new record at a high level and to do all the things such as promotion, radio and TV plugging, manufacturing etc. which a record label traditionally did.  For the most part this worked great although these campaigns were concerned with a particular release.


So, here’s the new idea....


I am asking if you would become a patron of Duke Special.  Not for a particular one-off release or project but rather on an on-going basis.  The concept is similar to the crowd funding things I have done before: you choose a price point which suits you and in exchange you WILL get access to exclusive items, recordings or experiences.  The difference this time is that it would be on a monthly on-going basis.  I am really keen to write a lot more, make recordings and be based in Belfast a lot more so the aim is that this would enable me to be more creative from home.

I want to release more records and continue to do limited amount of touring, but this new idea feels like a better fit for where I am in my life.


I am hugely grateful that you would consider being a Duke Special patron.  I am very excited about what this collaboration will create.


Thank you.


Duke Special x